Alex Caceres
During the past 6 years I have been conducting research related to Environmental Science and Sustainable Development with the United Nations Environmental Programme and Tongji University (同济大学) During this period of time I received a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Management and was awarded with a full scholarship to conduct my Ph.D. research in the topic of Education for Sustainable Development. 

Attending the United Nations Rio+20 Conference and working at the Yale University-FGV Coalition in 2014 made me focus my work in the importance of education for science and younger generations. Promoting scientific thinking to all my students as well as encouraging creativity is part of the class-system that I have iag8879环亚手机|官方网站mplemented in the previous 5 years. 

On my free time, I have been involved with the development of American football in China, helping with the promotion of the game inside and out of the field.